Quote Messages to Propose Again on Propose Day

They say finding our half-orange is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but when we are completely sure that we have found the right person, we do not want our side to ever go away again. If that special person has come to your life and you can not wait to ask her to be your girlfriend, you better prepare the right words to surprise your love.


Thinking of you and in such an important moment, we bring you the most beautiful sentences to propose engagement to the mistress of your heart.

Being by your side has opened my eyes to a world without equal because since you came to my life you taught me the meaning of the word love. Please, accept to be my girlfriend! “

I know it may seem a little early but I’m a determined man. I know that you are the love of my life and I only ask you to correspond to this sincere and excessive love. Would you accept being my girlfriend?

In your hands I want to deposit my future, I know that I will be happy while I have you with me.At your side I will enjoy true love until God takes me with him. I love you, be my girlfriend!

Since you stuck your eyes on mine I knew that we would be more than just friends. I will only be completely happy when you decide to share your life with me. Would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?

You always say that I am a trustworthy man and that I deserve a good love. The only thing that would give me back joy is that you accept to be the owner of my heart. Please accept me.

Let me take your hand and melt with your words your protected heart. If you accept to be the owner of my dreams, I will give you my life, my light and my reason. You accept to be my girlfriend, for God’s sake!

You are the woman who changed my life, the one who has given hope back to this withered heart. If you agree to be my bride on this day, I promise that I will make you the queen and mistress of all my love.

Maybe you’re not aware of the effect you’ve caused on me. You live in my captive heart and there is no day or night that I can stop thinking about you. Nothing would make me happier that you would accept to be my girlfriend

Knowing you changed my life and being by your side has been my greatest blessing. Nothing would make me happier than to accept being my girlfriend and giving you the key of my heart forever.

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