First Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

First Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Celebration


The wedding paper , or first year of marriage, is a very intimate celebration for a couple but that is not to be missed because it is the first of many years together. The wedding anniversaries renamed as the years pass, from the most fragile as the paper until the bone is the most durable and symbolizes 100 years of marriage material if anyone has ever come to that figure. In between we find glass wedding (15 years), silver (at 25), gold (at 50) and platinum (at 65), among others.

Let’s see, some ideas to celebrate the first wedding anniversary after the wedding among which you can choose according to your tastes

Paper gift

You may not know it but tradition says that as with other anniversaries, you must give something made ​​of material touching by year, in this case paper. You can do a little exercise of origami for your partner or write him a letter and explain the origin of this gift. Sure it will seem super curious.

Second honeymoon

Fix up the suitcase unbeknownst to tuck in the car and take it to a quiet place where you may spend a few days alone and make a small balance of your first year of marriage.

Wedding menu

Impress Your Partner With These 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

No doubt you keep your wedding menu as if it were a treasure, why not emulate him in I home the same night a year ago degustásteis what way? Do not say anything and let it be he who realizes wink.

Wedding cake

If you have followed the British tradition that says you should keep a piece of wedding cake souvenir, now is the ideal time to give you a whim. There will never be such a special dessert.

As the first date

This idea is recurring for other celebrations but if you have not already done so , the first wedding anniversary is the perfect time. Go to the same place on your first date , besaos where you did for the first time crossed remember how your lives … and realize where you are now and what you have achieved together.


Make a list of sites that have a special meaning to your partner, grab the camera and get to work. Where do you met for the first time have decided where important things or just places where you like to go together. Another idea is to make you a photo on each anniversary and go storing them in an album to see over the years. When you become oldsters will seem the best idea in the world.

Wedding video

ideas for anniversary celebration

How long have you not see your wedding video? The first wedding anniversary is the perfect time to do it and remember all those stories and exciting moments that occurred a year ago.

Spend the day together

Take you the day off from work, Extinguish mobile, do not look at the email … and simply cross over the day alone remember why you joined yourselves to your lives.

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